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Centre for Evidence Based Oncology (CEBO) Scientific Council

The Scientific Council involves appointed representatives of Comprehensive Cancer Centres (CCCs) which are united within the Czech Society for Oncology at CMA JEP (Czech Medical Association of J. E. Purkyne). The Scientific Council is an advisory body of the Programme Council. The main functions of the Scientific Council involve the assessment of benefits of projects suggested for realization within the CEBO, and suggesting the priorities of CEBO activities for a given period. The office of the chairman of the Scientific Council of CEBO is held by the present chairman of board of the Czech Society for Oncology.

Chairman: prof. MUDr. Ji��í Vorlí��ek, CSc.
Representatives of CCCs: CCC of University Hospital Brno
CCC of University Hospital Hradec Kralove with co-operative group Hradecko
CCC of University Hospital Kralovske Vinohrady Praha
CCC of University Hospital Olomouc
CCC of University Hospital Ostrava
CCC of University Hospital Plzen
CCC of University Hospital Praha-Motol with co-operative group UVN (Central Military Hospital) and Hospital Na Homolce
CCC of St. Anne's University Hospital in Brno
CCC of Regional Hospital Liberec
CCC of Masaryk Hospital in Usti nad Labem
CCC of Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute Brno
CCC of Hospital Ceske Budejovice
CCC Hospital of Jihlava with co-operative group Vysocina
CCC of Hospital Zlin with co-operative group Zlinsko
CCC of Novy Jicin
CCC of Pardubice Region
CCC of Hospital Chomutov
CCG of Prague and Central Bohemian Region


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