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Centre for Evidence Based Oncology (CEBO)

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CEBO Organization Rules (PDF file, 26 kB)

CEBO is a standalone department of the Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses (IBA) at Masaryk University. It was established as an independent academic institution adressing the education and realization of independent, research-oriented clinical trials. CEBO is controlled by the Programme Council and supervised by the Scientific Council.

The main objectives of CEBO include:

  • training and further education in planning, organization, data processing and interpretation of clinical trials results,
  • development of international cooperation with similar foreign institutions in the area of international clinical trials,
  • communication with Czech regulation authorities with the aim to improve conditions for implementation of non-commercial clinical trials.

CEBO is engaged in the following types of cancer-related projects:

  • phase II clinical trials,
  • phase III clinical trials,
  • phase IV clinical trials,
  • research projects (registries),
  • educational activities.

As regards phase II, III and IV clinical trials, IBA takes the full sponsor responsibility for quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC).

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